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The West Pittston Little League (WPLL) has adopted the following Code of Conduct for all Board of Director members, Managers, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Dugout Helpers, Scorekeepers and any other representative of the WPLL, that shall be enforceable during home and away games, practices, all-star or tournament games, fundraisers, special events, or any other function associated with the WPLL.

The purpose of this Code is to ensure all WPLL representatives are acting as role models for the young athletes involved in Little League, and foster an environment of respect and discipline. WPLL representatives shall treat players, managers, coaches, parents, league officials, umpires, scorekeepers, announcers and spectators with respect and exhibit behavior consistent with the goals of Little League Baseball International.

The President of the WPLL or the Board of Directors shall take the disciplinary action outlined below against any participant associated with the League who violates this Code of Conduct. This Code enumerates certain conduct that will result in automatic disciplinary action; however this list is not exhaustive and other negative conduct not specifically indentified herein may also result in disciplinary action.

All League Members are required to follow the Code of Conduct outlined below:

    1. The use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs anywhere on or in the vicinity of the playing fields or players is strictly prohibited.
    2. The following behavior will not be tolerated:
      a. arguing with umpires or other game officials;
      b. engaging in offensive behavior;
      c. trash-talking to opponents;
      d. unsportsmanlike conduct;
      e. abusive, harmful or unwarranted disruptions to the game;
      f. throwing bats, helmets, gloves, or other equipment in anger;
      g. making discriminating remarks based on race, religion, gender or national origin;
      h. using profane, obscene or vulgar language- towards anyone;
      i. verbal disrespect directed towards an umpire, game official, league official, player, manager, coach or spectator;
      j. gambling on any play or outcome of any game;
      k. sexually explicit or suggestive behavior or gestures;
    3. Managers and coaches shall never threaten to or physically harm or abuse any player, fellow manager or coach, umpire, game official, league official or spectator at any time for any reason.
    4. Bullying of any kind- physical, verbal, cyber, etc.- shall not be tolerated. Any incidents of bullying must be reported to the League president immediately.
    5. It shall be mandatory for all managers and coaches at the completion of their game to participate in a post-game handshake with the opposing team on the field of play. In addition, all managers and coaches must thank the umpiring crew and any other game officials present.
    6. Managers or coaches shall not deliberately circumvent any of the WPLL rules or regulations, especially mandatory playing rules.
    7. Home team managers and coaches are required to attend to the field immediately after completion of their game or practice This includes removing any debris from the field of play, raking dirt infield, base paths, and around home plate and pitcher’s mound.
    8. Home and away managers and coaches are required to removal all garbage and equipment from their respective dugouts immediately following the conclusion of their game. This rule shall also apply when playing at another League’s complex.
    9. League members shall not tamper or manipulate league rosters, schedules, draft positions, official score books, pitching logs or other records.
    10. Managers and coaches are responsible for preseason and in-season field prep sessions scheduled by the League.
    11. Managers are required to return all league equipment immediately upon completion of the season.
    12. Managers and coaches are required to obey the rules of operation established for the both the outdoor and indoor playing fields.
    13. Managers, coaches and league officials must remain properly clothed, including wearing of a shirt, at all league activities.

Violations shall be brought to the attention of the President (or acting President) of the WPLL. The President shall convene a special meeting of the Board to discuss the violation(s). All parties, including the accuser, may be required to attend this special meeting to discuss the violation(s).

The President of the WPLL or the Board of Directors is authorized to take the following disciplinary action to any League Member who violates this Code of Conduct. Discipline shall be as follows:

    First offense shall result in a written and/or verbal warning from the President or Board, and/or a one game suspension.
    Second offense (of any rule) shall result in an automatic three (3) game suspension.
    Third offense (of any rule) shall result in a one (1) year suspension.
    Depending on the severity of the offense and the attitude of the offender, the Board of Directors reserves the right to modify the above discipline, which includes instituting an expulsion of the offender from the League and/or the Leagues facilities.
    Managers or coaches ejected from a game shall serve a mandatory one (1) game suspension. This shall be the immediate next game.
    Managers or coaches ejected from two or more games in any season are subject to suspension for the remainder of the season. This shall include any all-star or tournament play.
    Any WPLL Member notified by the President or Board of Directors that allegations of poor conduct have been made against them shall be afforded the opportunity to answer such allegations at a special Board of Directors meeting as soon as a Board quorum can be assembled. It shall be at the discretion of the President if that Member will be suspended until such appeal can be heard.
I, __________________________ (print name), have read and understand the Code of Conduct above and my responsibilities as Manager , Coach, Board Member or representative of the WPLL. Furthermore, I understand failure to follow this Code of Conduct or any of the rules established by the WPLL subjects me to the disciplinary action outlined above.
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